We slowly sauté ham and onions to build a deep flavour base with rich warm spices such as cumin and turmeric. Finished with tons of fresh herbs and caramelized onions. There is nothing ordinary about this soup!

We use organic chicken to create an aromatic stock and use organic carrots and celery along with fresh herbs and a hint of paprika spice! Fine noodles are added to create the perfect comfort soup. Sells out fast.

Complex spices including cardamom are toasted and sautéed with slow simmered onions, red lentils and coconut fill out the body while chick peas, tomatoes and spinach add a dash of brilliant color!

Though we only make this soup in the fall and winter, it is a customer favourite and has earned its place on this list. We take a mix of French wild mushrooms and cook them with a blend of local mushrooms then add wild rice to this creamy house made marcapone broth. Unlike any mushroom soup out there! Pair it with our Whipped Garlic Baguette and you have an incredible meal!

First we coat our carrots in pure olive oil and slowly roast them to develop their sweet flavour. We roast our curry flavoured sweet potatoes and bring the Indian inspired flavours together in this incredible soup.

Loads of black beans and corn are simmered with tomatoes, cilantro and red onions and finished with lime juice, this soup could easily be mistaken as a chili.

So much flavour! Delicious spicy capicolli, beef, tomatoes, beans and split peas and finished with fresh basil.

Sautéed onions and garlic build the base for simmering tomatoes. No dairy in here but you won’t miss it in this creamy comfort soup. A fav in our stores!

A rotating variety of gourmet grilled cheese await you at Bliss. From pulled pork to brie with maple candied bacon we’ve got your next craving covered. Or! just a simple grilled cheese because it is so satisfying.

Not just any egg salad. This sandwich features tons of fresh dill, hints of salty capers and an herb butter to make it next level.