A menu with meaning, for moments of bliss.

We prioritize exceptional food and take no shortcuts because we believe that the results are worth the investment.

A pursuit of bliss, since 2005.

Purity and passion are the foundational principles that we opened Bliss Bakery with. As we have grown this focus has not changed.

Two unique locations, each with a personality of its own, all serving up the same fresh and flavourful goodness. Lakeside patio vibes in Peachland or grab and go directly from the source at our West Kelowna kitchen.

We have an extensive menu you can enjoy at any of our three unique locations.

Creating irresistible food is our passion and our teams are often inspired to create new menu items. We have many fan favourite foods that you can find regularly at the shop as well as creative additions that keep the options from getting stale.

We offer hearty options to fuel you through your day or lighter choices just to get you through to the next meal, Bliss offers many options and everything is available throughout the day, or until it sells out – whatever comes first.

We totally do Catering too

Feeding a crowd but don’t want to cook? No problem! Bliss can feed your hungry masses and relieve you of the stress. Give us a call to tell us about your event and let us share how we can help.