Just for fun we will occasionally make cupcakes. Watch for them around Valentines Day and Mother’s Day.

Made for certain seasonal events this bread smells, and tastes, just like stuffing. A blend of whole wheat and white flour with seasonings and herbs, onions and apples. Many of our customers use this bread to make their stuffing or use it as an accompaniment to turkey dinner. And there is simply nothing better for leftover turkey sandwiches.

We make our Traditional Shortbread with real butter. It almost melts in your mouth.

Mincemeat does not contain meat! It is a collection of different fruits (apples, currants, apples and pears) and almonds that are soaked in rum to preserve it. Traditionally mincemeat is made with suet (beef fat). Ours is vegetarian and does not contain suet, instead we use butter. It is a very traditional English dessert. Our mincemeat is made from a 12 year old starter making it incredibly rich and very delicious. Mincemeat tarts are hand made, traditional shortbread. Very nice on their own or warmed and served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

This cake is lighter in flavour than the dark cake. Light fruit cakes are hand decorated with nuts and fruit and an apricot glaze. Made with light rum, almonds, pecans, brazil nuts, and hazelnuts and lighter fruits such as candied apricot and raisins. Contains alcohol.

Made with molasses, espresso and brown sugar, dark Christmas cake is heavier, richer and more flavourful than the light cake. Made with heavier fruits such as dates and raisins generously soaked with dark rum. The cake has a layer of Bliss marzipan topped with vanilla fondant.

A rich and traditional pudding, very heavy in texture. Serve with butter sauce. Made with brandy, dates, figs, almonds and other fruits. One pudding goes a long way. This pudding will keep for a long time due to the alcohol content. Steam to warm. Contains alcohol.

This is a traditional German Christmas bread. A hearty sweet bread with lots of fruits and nuts, a little bit of light rum and a ribbon of Bliss marzipan. A great bread for gift giving and hostess gifts or to sit down and enjoy with a hot beverage.