Made for certain seasonal events this bread smells, and tastes, just like stuffing. A blend of whole wheat and white flour with seasonings and herbs, onions and apples. Many of our customers use this bread to make their stuffing or use it as an accompaniment to turkey dinner. And there is simply nothing better for leftover turkey sandwiches.

Made with beer and potatoes this bread has a unique, velvety texture. Then we add in some green onions and cheese for a bread with amazing flavour.

Our Okanagan Sourdough with seed and grains gives a nutty flavour and makes for a substantial bread that’s not too heavy.

Okanagan Sourdough with thyme and kalamata olives. So good even people that don’t like olives will enjoy it. Particularly delicious with olive oil and balsamic for dipping.

We add whole wheat to our Okanagan Sourdough starter to create this hearty bread.

Made with the same traditional starter as our Okanagan sourdough, this loaf gets a sweet tang from sundried cranberries. This bread is perfect with poultry and makes the best grilled cheese sandwiches.

Okanagan Sourdough was created from grapes from Cedar Creek Winery, giving the bread a unique tang that cannot be replicated. Our traditional sourdough starter has contiued uninterrupted since we opened Bliss in 2005. This bread is characterized not only by its tangy flavour, but also by its thick, blistered crust and dense, bubbled inner crumb.